Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rumailah surgeons reattach Nepali man's severed hand


DOHA Rumailah hospital a TEAM of surgeons successfully reattached and the severed hand of a 29-year-old patient in a complex operation of the 12-hour replanted.

The right hand of the patient was completely broken on the wrist in an accident in which a block printing machine, and he was brought by ambulance to the Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital.

Working in a critical window of time and the use of microsurgery techniques, replanted the surgical team the very small blood vessels and nerves in the Nepalese man hand during the delicate operation.

Replantation should be carried out within hours of the share amputation with specialized equipment, surgeons and support staff. To improve the chances of successful replantation, it is necessary for the preservation of the amputated part as soon as possible in a cool and sterile or clean environment.

The operation is the second of its kind successfully performed by specialists Rumailah hospital, the first to have done so in 2012.

The patient prognosis is favourable and it is likely movement and feeling will return to his injured hand after intensive physical and occupational therapy.

"Interventions of an amputee hand is a rare operation for which you specialized expertise, advanced technology and a lot of patience," said Dr. Mohamed Murshid al Delaimi surgical lead, senior consultant Hand Surgery and plastic surgery.

The team also included Dr. Mohamed al Thalathini, Dr Ahmed Majid and Dr Ahmed Mukhtar. Dr Delaimi said the operation success can be attributed to the extensive experience of the operational team and the well-equipped facilities at Hamad Medical Corporation.


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