Cyber security study center set to open next month


DOHA with cyber and public safety becoming more and more intertwined, steps, including the establishment of a cyber security research unit, have failed to find a safe cyber environment in Qatar, senior officials said on Monday.

Speaking in a group discussion hosted by Carnegie Mellon Qatar, General Director of public safety Saad bin Jassim al Khulaifi points out that the Ministry of Interior has made significant progress in the fight against cybercrime and added that cyber security remains a top priority issue.

Create an outline of Qatar cyber security plans, he said: "We can no longer separate cyber security of public safety, and with the rising prices of cyber-crimes, we are working on the promotion of our efforts in ensuring cyber security." He said the highlight of the plan was "to support research and innovation in cyber security, rehabilitation of national frameworks, transfer of knowledge in this field of global settings and protection Qatar critical ICT infrastructure and system by supporting the Computer Emergency Response Team, Q-CERT." The objective of the plan is to determine a safe cyber-environment for the young generation as well as to promote awareness among the Qatari community of the importance of cyber security.

Called for more cooperation between Carnegie Mellon University and the Ministry of the Interior, he proposed the establishment of a Chair for cyber security research, which to research and statistics related to cyber security in Qatar would lead.

The other three panel members of the group discussion were Qatar Computing Institute Executive Director of the research of Dr. Ahmed Elmagarmid, Dr. Raj Reddy and Dr. Gordon Bell.

Dr Elmagarmid said the Cyber Security Research Center will be launched in March. "The soon to open Cyber Security Research Center has five researchers in the field of cyber security; Sociology, psychology, Criminology, and now operate in the middle. "And we are projecting 50 researchers have in the next five years," he said.

"We have our perceptions of cyber security change and move outside the technical aspect of it and exploring the social aspects," he explained that the challenge lies in the users willingness to share their personal information on social networks not aware of the risks associated with adding.

According to eBizMBA 2013 ranks, facebook was the most visited social networking website with 750 million visits and 25 percent of facebook users don't have any form of control of privacy, "he said.

He also stated that Qatar Computing Research Institute are working on promoting awareness about cyber security, especially on social networks. The Institute has an awareness-raising campaign for grades six and seven to Qatar Academy and work to more programs running.

Dr. Raj Reddy also pointed to the need to raise awareness and highlighted the important role that education plays in creating a safe cyber-environment. He explained that self-healing and cyber hygiene users must practice by taking the necessary precautionary measures when using the network.

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