Envoy praises VCUQ performance

TRIBUNE news network DOHA in Qatar (VCUQ) VIRGINIA Commonwealth University rolled out the red carpet to welcome the American Ambassador in Qatar he Susan Ziadeh who visited the campus recently L to meet VCUQ students, faculty and staff.

During her visit, she also went around the campus to a sense of things.

Upon arrival, Ziadeh was greeted by Allyson Vanstone at VCUQ Dean, Executive Director of communications Meike Kaan, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Valerie Jeremijenko and Director of Student Leadership Hissa al Garni.

"VCUQ and other top-notch American universities in the city of education emphasize the continued cooperation between the United States and Qatar in higher education," said the US Ambassador.

"I was impressed with how students and teachers work together to concrete contributions to national vision of Qatar. New designs for Sidra hospital uniforms to an innovative safe driving campaign that will save lives, VCUQ students make an important and creative impact on their community, "she added.

Viewed Ziadeh artwork for the upcoming VCUQ alumni exhibition 6: 3: 1; the state-of-the-art facilities including the 3D fabrication lab, the library of the materials and the chroma room on tour.

They also visited the Centre for research, design and entrepreneurship.

"We are very glad he Susan Ziadeh to VCUQ," Vanstone said. "It was great to the Ambassador meet with our students and their work and discuss in more detail our current institutional research projects. We welcome the supportive relationship between the American Embassy and the VCUQ remain. "

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