Rota–CNAQ vrijwilligers renoveren school in Tunesië


DOHA ROTA CNAQ volunteers returned to Doha recently after running a renovation-school project in the Western Province of Jendouba Tunisia 's.

During their nine-day trip did the 30-member team of volunteers from the College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNAQ) stripping, stucco and painting of Interior and exterior walls of the school, as well as and establishing a new gravel surface, in an effort to upgrade the school's dilapidated infrastructure and creating an environment more conducive to learning to play.

Organized by reach out to Asia (ROTA) Qatar leading not-for-profit organisation, and sponsored by Vodafone Qatar, the trip was part of an agreement signed between ROTA and the CNAQ in April 2011, to promote the mutual, educational development and service for mutual cooperation on the basis of reciprocity of respect, independence and equal status of each party.

"This was a particularly impressive group of student volunteers who demonstrated an incredibly positive attitude to the physical work involved in this trip in sometimes challenging circumstances," said ROTA Volunteer Program Manager George Tavola.

"Our volunteers tied well and showed great team spirit and commitment to successfully the objectives of the trip. They also enjoyed interacting with the students of the school and got an understanding of their circumstances and the challenges that they face in attending school. " Launched In February 2011 ROTA an initiative called Reach Out to Arabia to provide assistance to the Arab countries in the North African region. For this trip, ROTA worked with Tunisia, a local charity organization that was founded in 2011 that supports the capacities of the most vulnerable groups in society to focus on emergency relief, as well as education, water and sanitation, health care and nutrition and linked sponsorships.

Head of Corporate Responsibility on Vodafone Qatar Dana Haidan, happiness express about the sponsorship of the trip, said, "with each group of volunteers which is part of Vodafone Qatar is international volunteering trips with Reach Out to Asia, we see how much effect the experience has had on the way they the world around them and the challenges people face in areas of extreme poverty or conflict.

We are proud to be contributing to the shaping of a future generation that compassionate, selfless and proactive about helping others. " ROTA national programs Director Mohamed Abdullah Saleh said: "ROTA thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors who give of their time, talent and skills, often in difficult conditions, education and development in Qatar and abroad. They are a source of inspiration for all of us. " CNAQ volunteer Aseel Halawani said: "this was my first volunteer experience with ROTA and I look forward to more volunteer work. The Organization of the trip was great and the team was great. The best part was getting to know the people and culture of Tunisia and in the school renovation project. As much as we hope to have made an impact, they have certainly touched our lives and our hearts. This was truly an unforgettable experience. " Another volunteer Nasser al-Naimi said, "when I signed up for this trip I knew I would get the opportunity to give and receive at the same time, and I actually received much more than I expected to.

The culture, the people changed my perspective about certain things in life and the experience of traveling with people of different backgrounds made me discover new things about myself and others. " "Thank you ROTA for granting us the privilege of get a taste of a different part of the world and to meet other people and share all their concerns, dreams, smiles, tears and ambitions.

After a volunteer trip eventually we discover the true essence of life; sharing and giving, "said Shadi Abu Shahla CNAQ volunteer.

The ROTA volunteer program will coordinate several other trips this year. Such trips contribute to exposing local volunteers to the rest of the world through the ROTA projects abroad, get them to understand the needs of disadvantaged communities in other countries, to help and promote a spirit of volunteerism and community service on the society in Qatar.

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