Qatari couple found dead in Saudi desert


DOHA BORDER patrol guards have found instances of a Qatari couple died after she went for a wild ride, in the empty quarter of the Rub al Khali ' in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

The border guards spokesman for the region, Col Khalid bin Khalifa Alarqoubi said that the guards in Batha area received a phone call on Wednesday night by a Qatari asking for help in locating one of his family members who went for a trip, along with his wife, in their vehicle to the desert of the district ' empty ' and did not come back since then.

Six teams from the border guards were then deployed to search for the lost pair along with Thuraya company that tracked the last call by the pair made to determine the location of the car according to the coordinates.

The car was later found on more than 300 km south of the port Batha, about in the middle of the desert empty quarter.

COL Arqoubi explained that the car had a roll over accident, where the woman was found dead, lying next to the car, but the man turned out later on Thursday morning, ten kilometres from the scene of the accident.

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