Monday, 15 October 2012

Annual inflation of Qatar crumbles to 2% in September


DOHA: annual inflation in the country slowed to 2 percent last month, compared with 2.3 percent in August to lower transport and communications costs, official data showed on Sunday.

Month-on-month transport and communications prices were down 1.2 percent in September due to a decline in air fares travel, while the costs falling within the entertainment, recreation and culture category fell 0.4 percent, according to the latest figures published by the Qatar Statistics Authority (PARTY QSA).

According to the data of the highest increase of 1.8 percent in food, beverages and tobacco, was followed by 1.7% in miscellaneous goods and services, while rent, fuel and energy with 1 percent increased. There was a slight increase of 0.3 percent in clothing & footwear.

The figures of the PARTY QSA noted no changes in medical care and health services costs last month that 114.3 registered in the index. In the same way were witnessing a slight increase in prices of furniture, textiles and home appliances in September.

On a year-on-year basis, the data showed increase of 2 percent on the overall level. Increases were recorded in the large groups, with the exception of rental, fuel and energy ", which registered a decline of 0.1%.

The highest increases were recorded in the groups of various goods and services (4.1%), food, beverages & tobacco (3.6 percent), furniture, textiles and home appliances (3.3 percent), transport & communications (3.1 percent), clothing & footwear (1.6 percent), entertainment, recreation and culture (1.5 percent) and medical care and medical services (0.3%).

A CPI excluding rent, fuel and energy group is also calculated.

After eliminating the effect of the rent, the overall index reached 124.6, with an increase of 0.2 percent compared to the CPI from August 2012 and an increase of 2.9 percent compared with the month of September 2011. (AI)

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