Monday, 29 October 2012

Building components cost air-missiles in Qatar


DOHA, QATAR become most expensive construction raw materials market in the Gulf, according to the latest report of the mede on the industry.

Building material in Qatar costs on average 12 percent more than in the UAE and 4.5 percent more than in Saudi Arabia, according to MEED Q3 construction costs & Outlook report.

It has also pointed out that while the average tariff per tonne of rebar in Qatar was 32 percent higher than in the United Arab Emirates, the price of a 50 kg bag of cement was 3.5 percent higher and the cost of concrete 28.6% higher.

Rapid growth in the construction industry on the back of its programme to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup has resulted in building material prices facing strong inflationary pressure, it explained.

Explain that the enormous difference in the cost of rebar, MEED cost Indexes (MCI) General Manager Emil Rademeyer, said that a steady increase in the demand for rebar and the anticipation of an approaching boom in construction spending drove the price considerably higher than in the UAE.

However, construction wage costs, Saudi Arabia leads the field, the report said.

While the average labor costs (taking into account all categories) is 18 percent higher than in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and 51 percent more expensive than in Qatar, daily skilled labour costs 22 percent higher in Saudi Arabia than in the UAE.

Also has daily unskilled workers 14 percent higher, according to the study.

The report, part of the new platform, which allows users to query Indices MEED costs cost information for materials, labor, fuel and equipment in the GCC countries has also indicated that the demand for cement will peak in 2015.

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