Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halqa-e-Ahbab Qatar holds ‘Eid Milan’ at Shamal


DOHA THE Halqa-e-Ahbab Qatar organised an “Eid Milan” party for community members at Abu Dhaluf Park in Shamal recently.

A number of activities were held to test the mettle of the participants.

Around 300 community members from various parts of Qatar took part in day-long socio-cultural, educational and awareness programmes.

They were given the chance to test their skills in publicspeaking.

The participants were asked to air their views as the head of state of Pakistan if elected to the post.

The speakers called for a simple living by leaders, elimination of VIP culture, introduction of presidential form of government, legislation for economic development plans, establishment of small and medium-size cottage industries, allocation of minimum of 25 percent of GDP for education, single education system and development of the national language.

They also suggested that the Holy Quran be taught as a compulsory subject in schools.

They stressed that all mosque leaders should have master’s degree.

The programme was conducted by Abdul Aleem and the community members who participated in brainstorming session included Ashraf Siddiqui, Zahid Hussain Awan, Nisar Ahmed Rana, Bashir Ahmad, Mohammad Khaled, Mohammad Bukhsh and Saeed Khan.

President Mohammad Aleem Paracha spoke about the activities of his forum established three decades ago.

He lauded the contributions of Maulana Abula’ala Moudodi, the renowned late Islamic scholar who had visited Qatar in 1972.

He said the annual gettogether provided an opportunity to all to meet at one place. Paracha, an engineer by profession with Oryx GTL, gave a demonstration of firstaid in case of emergency at home or in the event of road accident.

Women participants spent their time in separatelyarranged programmes including a walk on the beach.

Children participated in a quiz contest to test their general knowledge.

They also played cricket, volley ball and enjoyed sport facilities at the park.

Participants were served lunch, beverages and tea during the event.

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