Wednesday, 31 October 2012

HMC receives 1,480 cases on fourth day of Eid


DOHA THE emergency unit of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) received about 1,480 cases on the fourth day of Eid Al Adha on Monday.

According to HMC officials, 15 of the cases were of accidents, including 10 of road accidents in which a Sri Lankan was killed and four persons, two Qatari nationals and two expatriates, suffered serious injuries.

Apart from 70 cases received at the cardiology department, most of the patients brought to the emergency complained of abdominal disorders and were attended to by internal medicine doctors, an official of the corporation said.

The official pointed out that, as is always the case during the Eid Al Adha, most of the patients brought to the HMC emergency complain of stomach colic caused by consumption of sheep meat and fatty foods.

Rheumatism Diseases Consultant at HMC Dr Hani Malallah warned people against eating too much of sheep meat, especially the portions with high amounts of fat.

He said fatty meat causes indigestion and flatulence.

“Consumption of too much fatty meat may cause diarrhoea and increase the cholesterol level in blood, which, in turn, may affect the arteries,” he said.

Nutritionist Aisha al Alami said eating too much of red meat may cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and serious digestive disorders.

She advised people to opt for fish and white meat instead of red meat.

“It is advisable not to drink water while eating meat or soon after the meal in order to avoid obstruction of the digestion operation,” she advised, adding that water should be drunk at least one hour after the meal.

She added that meat should not be taken alone but with an appropriate quantity of other foods such as rice, starches, vegetables and potatoes.

Another nutritionist Afyaa al Masri urged people to opt for boiled meat instead of grilled in order to avoid stomach upset.

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