Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mannai Air Travel gets accreditation


DOHA MANNAI Air Travel received the ISO 9001 – 2008 accreditation by the International Standards Organisation and becoming the first travel management company in Qatar to receive the accreditation.

In order to meet the standards of the international body, the company established a quality management system with checks and balances within each department. The system was designed to ensure stable and predictable growth while maintaining and improving standards in each area of operation.

Established in 1980, Mannai Air Travel is Qatar’s leading travel service provider. A focus on building strong agency – client relationships has helped the company to be the preferred travel agency. A team of highly trained and dedicated professional managers and consultants form the company’s greatest strength. This is supplemented with the global network of regional associates, destination management companies and handling agents. The agency enables customers to travel around the world with instant access to the best amenities and services anywhere.

Mannai Holidays is the exclusive leisure travel wing of Mannai Air Travel. It is equipped to provide the widest range of leisure travel options from ocean cruises to hiking trips, and all inclusive group packages to specially tailored family vacations. The company can also provide a full range of tours catering to a wide variety of interests such as wildlife, archaeology, sociology, history and culture. The division also specialises in organising field trips for school and university students.

Farukh Sardar, general manager, said, “While we shall keep up with industry trends in moving to webbased selling, there is still a huge and growing demand for personalised attention to the traveller needs. We will continue to exert ourselves to be best in the field in this area.”

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