Sunday, 21 October 2012

QC, social affairs ministry launch third phase of training course


DOHA QATAR Charity (QC) and the Ministry of Social Affairs have launched the third phase of their training courses.

The courses, held at the ministry, will teach over 20 trainees the principles and skills of advertising and promotion of productive families.

“To run for 25 days, during this phase the trainees will receive important information and intensive programmes developed according to their individual needs, supplementing the efforts of previous two phases,” said Ibrahim bin Abdullah al Mohannadi, executive director for local development at QC.

Mohannadi underlined the importance of the cooperation between QC and the Ministry of Social Affairs in serving the community and contributing to its development.

The phase, which extends from September 30 to October 24, covering a total of 56 hours includes theoretical and practical training in order to enhance the capabilities of the participants in the promotion and marketing of products and services, in terms of knowledge, attitude and skills, so as to enhance their income.

“This stage of the training seeks to identify trainees’ concepts of promotion and its characteristics, identify the components of ‘promotional mix’ and their effects on productive families, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the promotional mix of the productive families, and enable these families to apply the ideas and perceptions about the promotional aspects in line with modern products,” said Dr Ashraf Jalal, management consultant executive for local development at QC.

Trainee Eid Mohammed al Shaibi said that the session provided the participants with new and important information on marketing and private elements of the marketing mix, in addition to basic information regarding personal promotion and selling, publishing, public relations, advertising and other areas.

Mohammed Abdul Malik, one of the beneficiaries of the course, expressed his desire to have this course and others of its kind continue, given its great usefulness.

The first course organised by QC and the Ministry of Social Affairs addressed the principles and skills analysis of the situation and the management of productive families.

The course was held between April 22 and May 13, this year. The course’s duration was four hours a day, for a total of 136 hours; 96 hours of training and 40 hours of operation.

The second phase of the training dealt with the principles of market research and customer service skills. Twenty- eight trainees took part in this phase, which lasted for 36 hours, over a period of two weeks.

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