Monday, 29 October 2012

WISE selects 30 more for learning programme


DOHA WORLD Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has selected 30 more outstanding young people for inclusion in the WISE Learners Voice Program (LVP). Aged between 18 and 25, the new nominees will join the existing set of LVP members soon.

The existing Learners’ Voice community consists of 48 learners who were selected in 2010 and 2011.

With the new set of 30 more youngsters joining the team, the total number of LVP team goes up to 78.

The third batch of learners from 24 countries has recruits with diverse profiles. They come from different backgrounds and disciplines and share a passion for education.

Together they represent the unique perspective of the learning community in WISE.

The 2012 WISE learners were selected from among hundreds of applicants and nominations that were submitted in June from around the world. The LVP members will be present at WISE 2012 where they will join forces with the 2011 learners to report from the summit through video interviews and blogs, and will take part in debates, workshops and a forum session. The basis of Learners’ Voice is that learning is most effective with collaboration between the teacher and the student. The programme builds their advocacy skills to ensure that leaders and decisionmakers hear their all-important voice, and it supports their growth as agents of change in education.

The WISE learners who were selected in 2011 have been working as a multinational team throughout the year on the theme ‘Increasing access to relevant, quality education for all learners through innovation.

Seven groups investigated access to education at various levels, including early childhood education and lifelong learning. To enrich their research, several 2011 Learners participated in key global events during the year.

The new LVP members are Agazi Afewerki from Canada, Fatema Akbar from Bahrain, Emmanuel Ako Besseri from Cameroon, Firyal al Balushi, Oman, Najla al Khalifa, Qatar, Talal al Naama, International Relations, Qatar, Haya al Thani, International Politics, Qatar, Ahmad Almeer, Qatar, Ragda Awad, Palestine, Bahauddin Baha, Afghanistan, Nour Barakat, Syria, Muhammad Bilal, Pakistan, Kristina Bouree, Netherlands, Jenna Brashear, USA, Aya Chebbi, Tunisia, Michel Ange Dagrain, Haiti, Yara Darwish, Qatar, Eduardo Gomez, Colombia, Tala Hammash, Jordan, Ewa Iwaszuk, Poland, Kelvin Kaari, Kenya, Audry Maulana, Indonesia, Steeve Maxilien, Agronomy, Haiti, Morcos Metry, Electrical Engineering, Egypt, Taoufik Mousselmal, France, Huong Nguyen, Vietnam, Ramy Safien, Egypt, Neil Vincent Sandoval, Philippines, Maad Sharaf, Yemen and Monica Marianda Tucker from Sierra Leone.

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