Sunday, 11 November 2012

Doha Bank launches personal loan promotion campaign



THE personal loan from Doha Bank, which was proclaimed earlier this year as the best deal in town, beat itself with a new scheme offered for a limited three months period.

The new loan scheme offers the chance of consolidating loans and transferring it to Doha Bank or even topping up existing loans with additional cash at a zero percent interest rate and perks of three months postponement on installments offered for everyone.

It is a fitting time for all customers, expressly Qataris to combine all their loans and transfer them to Doha Bank. Doha Bank, which treats its premiere Qatari customers with gratitude for their loyalty which stretches over a lengthy 30 years, is offering exclusively 12 months of zero percent interest on personal loans.

Now all Qataris will benefit from the smallest installment with the biggest loan amount at the lowest interest rate ever.

At the launch of the new personal loan campaign, Doha Bank Group CEO R Seetharaman said, “Clearly, our offers make it reasonable, accessible and affordable for almost anyone to undertake anything they had in mind this year. The offer will actually give you the ultimate flexibility for financing any purchase or project.” He said, “We invite all the Qataris to transfer their loans to Doha Bank and benefit from the best perpetually stirring offers.” Suresh Bajpai, head of retail banking at Doha Bank, said, “We invite all prospect customers to transfer their salary accounts to Doha Bank and benefit from the best personal loan offer in Doha with an assured 3 months postponement period and a minimum 6 months of zero percent interest rate.

He said, “In brief, truly all customers who have great ambitions and goals for the upcoming year are invited to get a huge loan from Doha Bank at the utmost ease and to eventually pay the lowest interest for the lengthiest period possible with payments that are absolutely small.

The guaranteed speedy approval processes will certainly make your banking experience exciting and equally rewarding. So transfer your salary account to Doha Bank to take advantage of this offer.” Doha Bank is also offering new customers a welcome gift with every salary transfer - a complimentary free for life Lulu Doha Bank shopping credit card loaded with 5,000 bonus points to enjoy free shopping at Lulu hypermarkets in Qatar.

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