Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gomez putting up brave face

The Fiscal Delusion
NOW that the election is over, Washington's attention is consumed by the looming combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases known as 'the fiscal cliff'. That combination poses risks, including economic contraction and erosion of confidence in government. But it also offers a chance to address our ...
DURING his first term, President Barack Obama faced a wicked problem: How do you govern in a highly polarised, evenly divided country with House Republicans who seem unwilling to compromise? Obama never really solved that one, and he was forced to pass his agenda on partisan lines...

Gomez putting up brave face

SINGER Selena Gomez has resumed her busy life after ending relationship with Justin Bieber. Gomez, 20, was seen at Kmart store, in Los Angeles to promote her clothing and accessories range Dream Out Loud. She even tweeted before the event. “Heading to the @Kmart in White Plains to check out DOL! Enter your name in a drawing at customer service & 5 people will get to shop with me,” Gomez wrote. The singer’s two-year-old relationship with Bieber ended last week after some trust issues cropped up.

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