MoI training programme educates Asian expatriates on traffic safety


DOHA THE first traffic safety training programme for representatives of Asian community bodies organised by the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior concluded recently.

The programme was held as part of the “Pedestrian Safety Campaign 2012 - 2013” with the aim of raising awareness on pedestrian safety, especially among workers in Qatar from different Asian countries.

Inaugurating the training session, Director of Traffic Department Brig Muhammed Saad al Kharji said that the department was keen on protecting pedestrians from accidents.

“We urge the community representatives attending the session to spread the safety messages to the members of their communities, Brig Kharji said.

Forty-three trainees from 43 community organisations representing countries such as India (19), Nepal (nine), Filipino (six), Sri Lanka (four), Bangladesh (one), Pakistan (three) and Indonesia (one) attended the training.

The programme was led by the Director of Karwa Training Centre Robert G Mokando. Faisal al Hudawi of MoI Public Relations Department made a presentation on “Pedestrian Accidents: Reasons and Remedies”, while Mokando spoke on “Common Traffic Mistakes”.

During the programme, causes of pedestrian and traffic accidents such as differences in the traffic systems of Qatar and other countries, absence of traffic culture among workers, wrong calculation of speed by pedestrians, poor eye sight of some road users, work pressure and mental depression because of new job atmosphere, wrong crossing at roundabouts and negligence of traffic rules and regulations were elaborately discussed.

Suggestions for safer usage of public roads by pedestrians and drivers were also made.

In his presentation, Mokando explained the most common traffic mistakes committed by drivers and pedestrians, including not moving the vehicles to the nearest parking area in case of minor accidents, driving vehicles slowly on the fast lane, talking on the phone while driving, not fastening seat belts by both drivers and front seat passengers, approaching the signals and roundabouts at high speed, jumping red signals and overtaking other vehicles from the right side.

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