Friday, 30 November 2012

Qatari aid convoy to spread a smile in Gaza Strip


DOHA Qatar SIGNIFYING support for the population of the Gaza Strip undaunted facing an inhumane siege for the past six years by Israel, three national charity associations of the country on Saturday plan imposed for the launch of ' Miles of Smiles convoy 18 ' which will be introduced by the Gaza Strip announced on 8 December
The announcement came at a press conference held jointly by Qatar Charity (QC), Sheikh Eid Charity Foundation and Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for humanitarian services (RAF).

The Conference was also attended by Issam Youssef, General Coordinator of the 18 miles of smiles.

About 100 persons, 30-35 each of the three organizations will form the ' solidarity convoy ' who is from the Egyptian side in a symbolic act of breaking the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian enclave so good about the offer of humanitarian aid in the aftermath of the recent Israeli attack on Gaza Gaza entered. Each participant performs with him at least $ 3000 to help for the people of Gaza, especially the victims of the recent Israeli attacks.

The convoy of aid must leave for Egypt on 7 December is a replication of the earlier directives with the same name, but that originate from different countries since 2008. The purpose of such Gazabound convoys is solidarity with the people there against the siege if the necessary humanitarian assistance.

The previous convoys were organized by our Partners for peace Association and European campaign to break the illegal siege of Gaza.

Registration for participation in the convoy has already begun and will continue until next Thursday. All residents who do not have entry visas to travel to Egypt are allowed to participate.

Issam Youssef praised during the press conference, the historic visit of his Highness the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani to Gaza. He said: "this visit has Arab solidarity strengthened and a precedent for others to follow in order to break the siege. The recent visit of a team of Arab foreign ministers of the Strip, Secretary-General of the Arab League and the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs are examples of this. " Issam also praised the humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts of the Government of Qatar in the Gaza Strip that would continue for years. He pointed out that the campaign "Miles of smiles 18" is dedicated to the State of Qatar who came to fame for his stand on and support to all Arab issues, especially the issue of Palestine.

He made it clear that the purpose of the campaign is purely humanitarian, and is aimed at helping the people of Gaza and raising their morale, especially of those who have their homes destroyed during the Israeli aggression against Gaza this month. The aid convoy enters Gaza on December 8, the anniversary of the "Intifada" in 1987 (non-violent resistance of occupation).

"About 300 families have lost their homes in weak-long relentless Israeli air attacks apart from the destruction of a number of public buildings, infrastructure and civilian institutions," Issam said.

"Between $ 3000 and $ 5000 each would be required to provide housing to all displaced families to the reconstruction of the ruined houses. We hope that this convoy succeed will in providing housing for about 100 families, "said Issam, pointing to the suffering of the population facing serious shortage of food and medicine.

Director-General of Sheikh Eid Foundation Ali bin Abdullah al Suwaidi said that "Miles of smiles 18" campaign is the first in Qatar and is considered an important complement to the efforts of Qatar in providing humanitarian aid to those in need.

He urged Qatar nationals to register and participate in the campaign in support of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

In turn, said Director-General of Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for humanitarian services Ayed al Qahtani that the purpose of the campaign was to strengthen brotherly and humanitarian with the people of Palestine, particularly in Gaza ties.

He said that the "Miles of smiles 18" will not only give assistance to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip but also moral support to the people of Gaza and challenge the unjust siege that the lives of about two million people living in Gaza has made life miserable.

Executive Director of Qatar Charity Public Affairs Ali bin Rashid al Muhannadi believed that this convoy "is a confirmation that Qatar has always assisted by Gaza under various difficult circumstances."

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