Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sada to inaugurate Arabal 2012 tomorrow



ARABAL, the conference dedicated to the Arab aluminum industry, will officially be inaugurated in Doha on Wednesday by Minister of Energy and Industry His Excellency Mohammad bin Saleh al Sada.

The 16th edition of the aluminum conference has special significance as it will be held in the backdrop of the Arab Spring and its impact on industry and investment, and the rise of Chinese aluminum market.

Launched in 1983 by the initiative of Kuwait Aluminum Company, the conference till 2011 was a biennial event.

However, in 2011 it was decided to make it an annual gathering due to the growing importance aluminum industry.

“This year’s conference will include several topics, panel discussions and workshops focused on the aluminum sector at the local and global levels. It will also be hosting some of the leaders of the sector including experts,” Qatalum’s Public Relations and Communication Director and Head of the Preparatory Committee Ibrahim Jasem Fakhri told newsmen.

According to Fakhri the Arabal 2012 represents a platform where large number of experts, industrialists and stakeholders gather to promote the sector, raise awareness, and open the door for everyone to share experiences and information and enhance communication between various stakeholders.

The number of registered participants has exceeded 600 representing more than 140 companies from over 45 countries, he said.

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