Friday, 1 March 2013

Help Syrians defence, says PM


ROME-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al Thani, he has stressed the need to enable the Syrian people to defend themselves.

The PM was his views after taking part in the meeting Syria's friends in Rome, on Thursday.

"Today the meeting marks turning point, which would be reflected in the final communique," the Prime Minister said following the Conference.

He expressed optimism about the outcome of the meeting say that things "on the right track".

Meanwhile, said US Secretary of State John Kerry that Washington non-lethal aid to the rebels of the Syrian directly for the first time will send, opponents of President Bashar al Assad that Western weapons requirements disappointing.

Kerry, speaking in Rome after a meeting of the mainly Western and Arab ' Syria's friends ' group said that his country would more than double its aid to the Syrian civil opposition, making it an additional $ 60 million to help protect.

In their final Declaration, the friends of Syria more political and material support to the opposition Syrian National Coalition.

Riad Seif, a leader of the Coalition, said on the eve of the negotiations in Rome that it would be the demand for "qualitative military support", although another coalition official welcomed the shift in the attitude of the us.

Yasser Tabbara said, "We heard today a different kind of discourse," he said, adding the opposition military and political support.

Many in the Coalition say Western reluctance to arm rebels only plays into the hands of Islamic militants now widely seen as the most effective forces in the fight to topple Assad.

However, a European diplomat held at the prospect of possible Western military support, saying that the coalition and Western and Arab donors would meet in Istanbul next week to discuss military and humanitarian aid to the rebels.

Kerry's offer of medical help and meals ready to eat, the u.s. Army's basic ration, far left behind at rebel demands for advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to help tip the balance against the Assad usually Russiansupplied forces.

It also stopped short of granting other types of non-lethal assistance such as bulletproof vests, armored personnel vehicles and military training to the rebels.

The Rome talks were the latest evidence that the United States and its allies no hunger for the military intervention in Syria, after the withdrawal of the US-led forces from Iraq and the drawdown under way in Afghanistan.

The final communique called for an immediate halt to "without prejudice to" supplying arms to Damascus by third countries usually refers to Assad the allies, Russia and Iran.

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