Sunday, 17 March 2013

Islamic States accept the UN Declaration on women

NEW YORK Islamic and Western Nations on Friday overcame deep divisions over a landmark UN Declaration to establish a code of conduct to combat violence against women and girls.

Iran, Libya, Sudan, and other Islamic Nations ended up threats to block the Declaration and agreed to the language which States that violence against women cannot be justified by "a custom, tradition or religious consideration." Western countries, especially from Scandinavia, toned requirements for references to gay rights and rights of the sexual health in order to ensure its conformity after two weeks of tense negotiations between the 193 UN Member States.

Some 6,000 non-governmental groups were in New York for the Commission on the meeting of the status of women. Cheers and wild applause erupted when the agreement was announced in the UN Headquarters late on Friday.

Michelle Bachelet, UN women's Executive Director, said it was a "historic" meeting.

Right after it was announced that Bachelet would leave her post to return to Chile.

"People around the world expect action, and we do not fail.

Yes — we did it, "said Bachelet.

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