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DOHA the Cabinet on Wednesday ratified a draft law on health insurance, which aims to offer the best of services to both citizens and residents, and sent it to the Advisory Board.

Under the law, a company called ' national society for health insurance ' be set up and charged with the responsibility of the implementation and management of the system under the supervision of the Supreme Council of health. The announcement regarding the company fully SCH-property was made last year.

According to the draft law, health insurance, compulsory and preventive, curative, rehabilitative and medical research services. The Government pays the premium for the Qatari citizens.

The program, when fully implemented, would change the face of health financing in the country, SCH Assistant Secretary-General (policy) Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali had said at the third SCH DN health Lecture Series.

To run about fivephases, the compulsory national health insurance is expected to cover about 75,000 Qatari women in the first stage, expansion of coverage for the entire population of the country at the end of 2014.

Even visitors to the country would be covered.

Qatar the total health care expenditure in 2010 was that qr9, 530 million, funded 77.5 percent by the public sector and 22.5 percent by the private sector.

The year also saw private health insurance contribute 16 percent to QR600 million from QR516 million the previous year.

According to national health accounts report was money spent on health increased by 27 percent from 2010 to 2011, and 84 percent of this increase funded by the Government.

This increase illustrates the Government's commitment to better protection of the health of the population.

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