Monday, 6 May 2013

Japan offers scholarship for Qatari students


Japan's Ambassador to Qatar DOHA he Kenjiro Monji said that the Japanese Government, in cooperation with the High Council for education (SEC), will be providing scholarship programs for the Qatari nationals for the year 2014.

The two scholarship programs offered for Qatari students are: the Undergraduate program in which students will study in Japan for five years, including one year for learning the Japanese language, and the post-graduate program for a two years of research, including six months for learning Japanese.

Announcing this at a joint press conference with SEC held in higher education Institute, monji said that a joint selection Committee comprising members of the SEC, the Qatar University and the Japanese Embassy will select students for the scholarship programs.

"Japan can provide Qatari students on high level knowledge and expertise, especially in the science and technology fields, in which the country boasts of having Nobel Prize winners.

It is one of the areas, in which the students can learn the most in Japan. Moreover, in the background of strong bilateral ties between Qatar and Japan, it goes without saying that we Qatari students studying in Japan ", Monji said.

He added, "the final date for submission of applications is on 13 June. Written exam and interview will be held on June 18 and June 19 respectively and the results will be declared in early July. The selected students will then be recommended to the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT) in Japan for the final decision, which will be unveiled next fall. " Speaking at the occasion Dr Khaled al Horr, Director of the higher education Committee on SEC, said: "We thank the Japanese Government for providing scholarships to further cement ties between Qatar and Japan. The initiative will bring the people of the two countries closer by increasing their awareness of each other's educational, cultural and academic values ".

Horr said that only five Qatari students were studying in Japan at this time and urged Japan to study more Qataris in with a description of the University education in Japan as being of high standards and trusted.

The purpose behind the educational cooperation to explain, Monji said that Qatar and Japan in the years have enjoyed excellent relations. "Japan has always been the number one partner of Qatar. Qatar is a major energy supplier to Japan and Japan has helped in the worst times, the most recent is the earthquake in 2011 ", Monji said.

He also mentioned that 40 percent of the extra supply of Japan Qatar of LNG (liquefied natural gas) after the accident of nuclear energy provided.

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