Monday, 6 May 2013

Qatar can leverage fiscal strength for economic diversification: Seetharaman

Ghost Mon
I WAS very excited to read, last week, about the 'ghost money' that the CIA is paying to the president of my country, Hamid Karzai. I'd like to know: Would it be possible for the CIA to give me some, too? We do not know what President Karzai has done with this cash that arrives each month in suitcases and plastic shopping bags. Not even the CIA - which every Afghan believes knows everything - can say. But I will tell you exactly what I will do with mine: I will do the things we thought the Americans were going to help us do when they came to Afghanistan nearly ...
No Winners In Syria
AN Arab friend remarked to me that watching the United States debate how much to get involved in Syria reminded him of an Arab proverb: "If you burn your tongue once eating soup, for the rest of your life you'll blow on your yogurt." After burning our tongues in Iraq and Afghanistan, and watching with increasing distress the aftermath of the revolutions in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, President Barack Obama is right to be cautious about getting burned in Damascus. We've now seen enough of these Arab transitions from autocracy to draw some crucial lessons about what it takes to sustain positive change in these ...

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