Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SCH to open nine new hospitals, health centres 18


DOHA the Supreme Council of health (SCH) plans to open nine additional hospitals and 18 health centres to give an impetus to healthcare in the country, Health Minister and Supreme Council of health he Abdullah bin Khalid al Qahtani said.

He spoke in releasing the annual report SCH for 2012, which achievements of the year and plans for the future prepared by the Council, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and primary care setting for the year 2013.

Introducing the report, the Minister said: "the year 2012 witnessed the opening of two new hospitals and a Centre for the diagnosis of cancer, as well as another Centre for research.

There are plans to nine additional hospitals and two attachments for diagnosis, research and treatment to open.

"The year also witnessed the opening of eighteen centres for primary health care, two units that belong to the Medical Commission, in addition to the increase in the pace of the ongoing work in the implementation of projects for the national strategy for health 2011-2016." The most interesting information from the report is the opening of two new hospitals last year, including the Cuban hospital in Dukhan and Al Wakra hospital in Al Wakra.

The report also highlights the opening of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center in HMC, that the only integrated Centre for diagnosis and treatment in the country.

It also shows increase of 16 percent of the total number of beds in hospitals of 297.

With regard to plans for the future, the report shows that nine new hospitals will establishedthree for the SCH and six for the HMC, including new women's Hospital, hospital for simple operations, communicable diseases hospital, a hospital for diagnosis and treatment, hospital for major accidents and HMC Institute for Multi-research, as well as neurological sciences institutes between 2012-2021.

Moreover, in 2012, HMC and SCH planned to add 836 new beds by the year 2015.

In addition, 18 new primary care centres and two additional units of medical Commission scheduled to be added.

Sector in relation to employees, there is an average of 16 percent increase per year in the clinical field with a development plan in the health sector and set up a new law for human resources for nationals working in this area.

Regarding public finance in the sector, the report points to a rapid increase in the health care budget in 2012, noting that 2012-2013 the budget was with 47 percent higher than the previous year, highlighting the commitment of the leaders to make health care for a better future.

The Supreme Council will implement the social health insurance health to promote better service and easy access to medical care.

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