Monday, 29 October 2012

Qatar Academy students perform with UK theatre group


DOHA QATAR Academy students together with a group from a London-based theatre company, Nose2Nose, held a theatre performance at Awsaj Institute for Education Auditorium recently.

The performance involved grade 11 and 12 students who are pursuing International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Theatre.

The group included Director of Nose2Nose Farrelly Neil and his siblings Tim and Ben Mann, who spent three days at the school conducting intensive workshops for the students.

The show was a culmination of the three-day workshops.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Neil said, besides drama, the students learnt about communication, how to listen to others attentively, how to interact with other people in a group and other life skills.

“The drama is a little bit easy; most of them can do it.

The most difficult thing for them was working as a group because each member of the group is full of ideas,” he said.

Neil said the group utilised the students’ ideas for the show while giving them the opportunity to learn other useful skills.

“Preparation for this show attracted a lot of energy from us as we tried to blend different ideas in order to produce a coherent performance. The students are used to listening to people who only come and tell them what to do or to working individually,” he said.

QA Drama Teacher Anne- Louise McIlroy said the group had visited the school last year to work with the students on a project.

“The students have got lots of experience in the last three days. Some of the students, who were quite shy or selfconscious, have really surprised me with what they came up with. It’s quite interesting to see so much progress from day one,” she said.

She further said, “The three-day workshop resulted in a public performance. We will do more of this because it is a very good experience for the students and it will help them with in course.

They learnt how to work together as a group. The end product is of a high quality.

We believe the students will hone their skills throught such programmes.”

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