Monday, 29 October 2012

WWICS experts to give tips to visa-seekers tomorrow


DOHA THERE is good news for people in Qatar seeking visa to the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. The World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS), which specialises in getting people visas and permanent residency in these countries, will organise a one-day awareness seminar at Holiday Villa Hotel on October 29.

According to a WWICS official Anwar Karim, a team of WWICS experts will guide prospective businessmen, investors, skilled workers, professionals and students to explore opportunities available in developed countries at the interactive counselling session.

The sessions also mark 19th anniversary celebrations of the WWICS, he added.

“The experts will provide customised solution to the problem of getting work permit and information on various avenues for employment and career opportunities, attractive job offers for aspirant and spouses coupled with resettlement options in Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK and other parts of Europe,” he said.

The expert immigration and resettlement panelists to participate in the session will include Lt-Col B S Sandhu (retd), CMD of WWICS Brandon Miller, Assistant Director for Global Placement Services, Canada, Gurpreet Sandhu, Australian consultant and MARA agent as well as Daniel John Wycklendt from First Pathway Partners & Renaissance Capital Inc, the USA.

“Many people want to settle abroad but they don’t know the right path. The purpose of awareness seminars is to make aspirants aware of the opportunities abroad and the legal way to benefit from them,” Lt- Col Sandhu said in WWICS press release.

Sandhu said, “Business immigration programmes are the most lucrative options to settle down in these countries.

Apart from various business programmes in Canada, Australia and the US, we have recently launched a new programme for Georgia, a promising destination for farmers, business persons and investors.” He said the US EB-5 Investor visa is a top notch business programme, which is ideal for those who wish to settle in the US.

This programme is an easyand- fast pathway to a US Green Card, he said.

Miller said, “Canada has proven to be the most diverse and immigrant-friendly destination for prospective businesspersons and skilled workers.

The Provincial Nominee programme will help investors, skilled workers and professionals to reach prosperous provinces such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba easily and get permanent resident status.” He said international students were in great demand in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and they have the option of applying for permanent residency upon completion of their courses.

He added that Canadian authorities were also working towards a dynamic, faster and job-market-driven immigration system.

“The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has proposed some changes in the system that may be incorporated in January 2013.

These proposed changes will help skilled workers to get faster and hassle-free immigration services,” he said.

Gurpreet Sandhu said that the lowering of pass marks from 65 to 60 points and introduction of the SkillSelect Programme have brightened the prospects of immigration aspirants wanting to settle down in the country.

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