Monday, 8 April 2013

Efforts for the reconstruction of Darfur: PM


DOHA the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al Thani he the international donor conference for the reconstruction and development of Darfur, in Doha, open on Sundays.

With some 400 delegates in attendance, is the two-day Conference focused on the reconstruction of the Darfur region of Sudan after a ten-year conflict.

The Conference aims to provide support for a development strategy that 7.2 billion dollars for a sixyear effort to go Darfur away from food handouts and other emergency supplies, lay the Foundation for sustainable development through improved water facilities, roads and other infrastructure.

Addressing the opening session, said the Prime Minister, "time of peace in Darfur has begun. A peace that will be protected by development, not by force ".

He stressed Qatar's full support to the Conference, and stresses that every effort to ensure that the Conference will come up with fruitful results that meet the expectations and aspirations of the people of Darfur will exercise, Qatar.

Addressing donors, he said, "your financial support will not be in vain and will not remove in battles and wars. The war has gone with no return and only limited security procedures links that are isolated. " On the economic front, he explained that the wheels of development finally moving was started. "There are roads that are now being built, there are agriculture projects have restarted, which, in addition to new ones that are too fast." The security situation is concerned, the PM said that the situation in Darfur the Darfur not be compared with 2003. The peace that was established in the following years, come to stay and the sporadic cases of violence in the border have failed to shake.

Arab League Secretary-General Dr. Nabil al Arabi summoned all the participants of the Conference to contribute to strengthening stability in Sudan.

Arabi thanked Qatar for efforts to exercise and taxing the responsibility to contribute to peace in the region.

The opening session was attended by Sudan of first Vice President Ali Osman Mohammad Taha, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs he Ahmad bin Abdullah al Mahmoud, regional and international partners for peace in Darfur, as well as representatives of the donor countries and the relevant regional and international organizations.

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