Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sea ice shrinks behind chilly spring?

In Palestine, dignity and violence
The Swedish writer Henning Mankell tells of an experience in Mozambique during the civil war horrors there 25 years ago when he saw a young man walking towards him in unequal clothes. "I saw something that I will never forget for as long as I live," says Mankell. "I looked at his feet. He had no shoes. Instead, he had painted shoes on his feet. He had the colors used in the ground and ...
Lessons from a Comeback
Modern movement conservatism, that the GOP of the moderate party of Dwight Eisenhower transformed into the radical right-wing organization that we see today, was largely born in California. The Golden State, even more than the South, created today's religious conservatism; the elected Ronald Reagan Governor; It is where the tax revolt of the 1970s began. But that was then. In the decades since the State has grown more liberal, thanks in large part to a ...

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