DOHA under which the many things people take for granted in city life is public transport. Not achieving their vital role in making city life more comfortable, some even look down on drivers and other employees engaged in providing service.

Not so, the African emigrants from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana, which take the task as they would a different type of work, as evidenced by their increasing numbers in Qatar particularly after the launch of the franchisee Karwa taxi operators All Taxi and Limousine Alijarah million.

An official of the Qatar Tribune million Taxi already told that a majority of the African drivers on the wheels of the company taxis are Kenyans. To the question why the number of African drivers in the business grows, he replied: "We have about 90 Kenyan drivers here. They were attracted because they have good communication skills. I've also found them patient. They also remember the instructions when they receive orientation.

You should not keep repeating the same thing, "he said.

The large number of African drivers is also visible under Karwa Alijarah Limousine and taxi fleets. According to the drivers they regret not to accept the job. Every day is a new day to them. She meets different people and exploring new places every day.

Speak with Qatar Tribune, Patrick Mach aria, said a taxi driver that he keeps his job Karwa to the extent that he has developed a passion for it. Having worked in Kenya's public transport, he found his new job just an extension of what he was happy doing back home.

"Driving is my hobby. So, I love the work.

Since I came here, I have gained a lot. Although the profit not much may seem, I have managed to save and the amount back home by a disciplined spender investing, "he said.

Mach aria added that what keeps him going is his desire to meet new people every day. He begins the day with no money in his hands so that at the end of the day he the ' fruits ' of his daily work.

"I love to make new friends. Therefore, from the many people I ferry in a day, one or two are my friends. I meet people from different social and professional classes, including lawyers, doctors, construction workers, drivers, office messengers, among others, "he said.

Reminded that the work is not easy, he that attributed to the saying that ' life is not a bed of Roses '. He has faced congestion of traffic every day, as well as some undisciplined motorists in his day to day life to deal with.

Pharis Mach aria, a taxi driver with Alijarah said that the position has offered him a stable job which enabled him to support his family back home. The job has ended his agony of unemployment. "I have not had a steady job back home. I had to take my sister school fees that I was finding difficult to do pay. I opened a store, but the money I earned was not enough to make both ends meet. I even loaves spread, but it was still hard. That's when I decided to come here, "he said.

Although he finds the job tiring, Pharis is happy. "I am now able to support my family. My sister has finished school and I'm really proud of that, "he added.

Asked what keeps him going, he said, "I consider this job as a blessing. I feel that it is a bubble. I thank God for giving me the job. I can inspire my everyday passengers when I am them to their destination. " Pharis has repeated that with this job, he is able to communicate with at least 15 persons of different nationalities in one day. "I learned a lot from different cultures. For example, I have learned languages such as Arabic and Tagalog through interaction with my passengers, "he said.

Suleiman Rashid, Al million taxi driver who already in Qatar for about a year now said that he did not regret takes up the job. Despite is back with a better position in his country, he's happier here. "I worked with the Ministry of Youth Affairs back home. I feel like a driver here, I am able to save money for my future, "he said however, according to him, the main challenge he encounters is when there is a communication barrier between him and the passenger.

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